Sports Betting Integrated Directly Into Telegram.

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How BookieBot Works

💸 Transfer funds to your BookieBot wallet.

🏆 Bet on upcoming sporting events directly through Telegram.

💸 Withdraw funds from your BookieBot wallet at any time.

The Future Of Sports Betting

BookieBot is an affiliated front-end of the decentralised betting protocol.

All bets on BookieBot are facilitated by the user deposited liquidity in the Azuro decentralized liquidated pools.

BookieBot earns commission of 5% of all profitable bets, which equates to 60% of revenue from the Azuro platform.

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BookieBot: DeFi Simplified

Seamless User Experience

BookieBot abstracts away all wallet interactions for a seamless user experience. Users private keys are encrypted and stored in a secure database, then decrypted for each transaction.

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Earn Revenue Share With BookieBot

BookieBot token holders will earn a 50% share of the revenue from the BookieBot platform. More information coming soon.

Deposit USDT To Become The Bookie

Deposit your USDT into the liquidity pool to facilitate betting on the BookieBot platform and earn consistently lucrative APY with no correlation to general DeFI market performance, directly through the BookieBot telegram bot.

Become The Bookie

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